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Electricity bill fears quashed

Taken from this week´s Costa Blanca News:

FEARS that residents would face whopping cumulative increases in their electricity bills following claims by a local English newspaper have proved groundless.

In Benijófar residents’ councillor Pat Taylor said their office has been ‘overwhelmed’ with enquiries from worried locals and many others from neighbouring municipalities.

“Half the English population has been panicking,” she said.

The article that sparked the confusion alleged that ‘if you use more than 10 kilowatts of electricity you need to and register at one of the dedicated outlets and either sign up with another company or once again with Iberdrola.

“If you don’t the cost of your electricity will be upped by 20% every time you receive a bill.”

The article also claimed ‘those who are consuming less than 10kw will still pay more for their supply if they fail to register but at the lesser rate of 5%’.

Iberdrola spokesperson for the Valencia Region Patricia Corrons assured CBNews this is not the case.

“Firstly it is not the amount of electricity that customers use but the amount of power they have contracted,” she explained.

This appears on bills in the top left, under the customer’s address, where it is marked ‘Potencia’ and a figure in kilowatts.

“Homes almost never have more than 10 kilowatts of power contracted,” indicated Sra Corrons.

“Usually only factories and some small businesses require more.”


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Iberdrola Confussion

There has been many Chinese whispers over what you should or shouldn´t be doing over the changes, or not, to your power supplier.

In May of 2008 Iberdrola sent a letter to all consumers regarding the your different options with regards to staying with them or moving to one of the newly formed companies. What they said at the time was:

If you do not contact us by July 1 2008 then delivery will be automatically assumed by the company of last resort MARKETING IBERDROLA, SA, which will send invoices and charges for managing the power supply as set in RD 485/2009. In this case, we will transfer your data to the company to continue the service.

In other words, if you never contacted them by 1st July 2008 you will automatically stay with Iberdrola. If this is the case you´d have been receiving bills from them and would have been paying them for electricity used.

In December of last year word had it on JDMV that you had to get the administrators to change the whole urbanisation to Iberdrola, which everyone is with already!!! Now, an article has appeared in The Leader newspaper which has caused no end of confusions (you can see the article herehttp://www.theleader.info/article/21070/spain/costa-blanca/iberdrola-spark-confusion/)

After some investigation here is what other people have had to say on the subject:

Maddy wrote this email to them:

Enviado el: jueves, 03 de diciembre de 2009 11:32
Para: Clientes Iberdrola
Asunto: *********

Referencia contrato *********
After July 1st, I did not take any action to change my electricity provider as I want to stay with Iberdrola. Can you please tell me if I acted correctly by not taking any action or should I have signed another contract as I definitely want to stay with Iberdrola.Thankyou.

and received this response:

Dear customer
We are writing you back in order to answer your request. After July 1st, every people that have not received an offer or have asked for new contract, were directly maintained on the same contract conditions to remain as usual.
It is not easy for us to answer that question but as we preserve the same conditions you asked for at one determined moment, your contract is probably the best one according to your needs.
For any other information or further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us by mail or at our customer support centre on 00-34-901202020.
Kind regards

Dave Butler said:

I went to Iberdrola yesterday at Pilar about this matter. Although I had changed my contract in July, They said I still needed to resign to say I was continuing with them. By doing so now I was told be y them that I would receive a discount on the Kw rate I was being charged. I await with baited breath to see if this is true. Although there seems to be conflicting reports about the amount that the increase is I felt that I would have nothing to lose but maybe something to gain by going to sign.

I for one have never had a problem with Iberdrola. They changed my meter to a dual meter when I asked them too, they set up a fixed amount direct debit when I asked them too, I receive my bills online and the fixed amount i pay is adequately covering my useage.

And Reagan says:

I have just got off the phone from Iberdrola and without even asking my account number he said I have no need to do anything.And as my contract runs untill july 2010 that is what I thought

So, as a conclusion MOST people have been told to do NOTHING by Iberdrola. But, don´t take our word for it. Contact your local Iberdrola in person, email them clientes@iberdrola.es or telephone then on 901 20 20 20.

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