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NEW Post Boxes Open on Monday 11th January 2010

The new post boxes will be in use as from Monday 11th January 2010. BUT, the gate to the new post room will have an additional lock during the hours of darkness so access can´t be gained then.

If you don´t yet have your key then you will need to go to the administrators office to collect it.

PLEASE LOCK THE GATE AFTER YOU´VE COLLECTED YOUR POST. People are already leaving the gate wide open.


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New Post Boxes


The new post boxes have now been fitted. Details of when and how keys will be given out and when the boxes will be open for use will be given soon.

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Postal Thefts

As you are no doubt aware there have been a large amount of thefts from the post boxes on JDMV. A young female has been seen looking into EVERY post box on the fase on several occasions (and also at the boxes on JDMX), and when she realises that she´s being observed she quickly leaves.

Today, a short video of the girl was made as she looked through the boxes. When she realised that she was being filmed she again walked off and hid her face. The girl is a teenager, Hispanic in looks (but speaks with an Eastern European accent) has long dark hair that is tied with a single bobble. She also wears large dark sunglasses and sometimes a cream coloured blouse and trousers. She is believed to be a resident of JDMV, so this means that when the new post room is open she will have free range to go through the boxes in privacy.


Please be extra vigilant with your post and look out for this girl. The administrators have been advised of these activities.

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Pool News & New Post Boxes

The swimming pool is currently closed. This is due to a leak which is believe to have been caused by the last earthquake. It is not yet known when the leak will be fixed as the committee are awaiting for a second quote for the work that needs to be carried out.

Work will start on Tuesday 7th April to find the cause of the problem.


The pool area has a new look. All interior walls in the pool area have been painted pink by some committee members and some residents of JDMV. In doing so the community have be saved the cost of employing professional painters.


Owing to the large amount of postal thefts the committee, together with some residents of JDMV (and even a holiday maker staying on JDMV) are in the process of building a walk-in post-room. The current post boxes will be moved into the new post-room only when the process of issuing keys for the new gate has started. More details about this will be made available soon.


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