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House Thefts on JDMV

Once again, summer´s here and so are the “walk in” burglars. on Tuesday of this week another set of holiday makers came down from the solarium to find strangers in their living room, they had previously asked if the property was for sale.

Of course, this was the “first time” they´d left the property gates unlocked. The thieves made off with the property keys, and jumped down to the property below and made off.

The thieves were described as 2 very well dressed and well spoken Moroccans, one wearing a white suit.

Please keep your property LOCKED at all times.


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Postal Thefts

As you are no doubt aware there have been a large amount of thefts from the post boxes on JDMV. A young female has been seen looking into EVERY post box on the fase on several occasions (and also at the boxes on JDMX), and when she realises that she´s being observed she quickly leaves.

Today, a short video of the girl was made as she looked through the boxes. When she realised that she was being filmed she again walked off and hid her face. The girl is a teenager, Hispanic in looks (but speaks with an Eastern European accent) has long dark hair that is tied with a single bobble. She also wears large dark sunglasses and sometimes a cream coloured blouse and trousers. She is believed to be a resident of JDMV, so this means that when the new post room is open she will have free range to go through the boxes in privacy.


Please be extra vigilant with your post and look out for this girl. The administrators have been advised of these activities.

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Bike Thefts

There have been a spate of bike thefts on two other urbanisations on Wednesday evening. Two locked bikes were stolen from a property on Fase X and another was stolen from Fase VII. Also, a bag was stolen from conservatory on Fase X.  Children have also been seen climbing stairs to various properties, where they don´t live, on Fase V. 

bike theft

If you see anything suspicious then call 112. English speaking operators are ALWAYS available.

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What out – Thieves are about (UPDATED)

A Spanish home owner on JDMV has recently had an outdoor table and a bicycle stolen from his garden. The garden is securely locked with a fairly high fence, but the thieves still managed to get away unnoticed. 

Both the UK & Spanish govenment, and police forces, have warned that with the credit crush we can expect more robberies and thefts.

Please ensure your property is secure, preferably locked, and that you are vigilant at all times.


It has also come to our attention that vandals have been graffiting the solarium’s of at least two properties. Again, please be extra vigilant, lock gates and if you see something suspicious call the police on 112. English speaking operators are ALWAYS there.

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