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House Thefts on JDMV

Once again, summer´s here and so are the “walk in” burglars. on Tuesday of this week another set of holiday makers came down from the solarium to find strangers in their living room, they had previously asked if the property was for sale.

Of course, this was the “first time” they´d left the property gates unlocked. The thieves made off with the property keys, and jumped down to the property below and made off.

The thieves were described as 2 very well dressed and well spoken Moroccans, one wearing a white suit.

Please keep your property LOCKED at all times.


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Dog Attacks Two Children in Torrevieja

Two children aged four and six were attacked by a Rottweiler without its obligatory muzzle in the Jardin de Mar Urbanisation of Torrevieja on Tuesday.

One of the children was only slightly injured, but the other suffered injuries to the legs and underwent surgery that lasted four hours. The dog has been taken to a local centre.

Police sources stated that the woman who owned the dog tried to prevent the attack but was unable to do so due to the strength of the animal, and suffered slight injuries herself.

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A 9 month old French Bulldog has gone missing from Nº47 Jardin Del Mar V, Torrevieja, Spain. The dog answers to the name of Greta and was last seen on the evening of 4th January 2010. If you´ve seen the dog please contact the owners on 637 197 778.

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3 Kings Arrive in Torrevieja

A video showing the 3 kings arriving in Torrevieja on Tuesday 5th January 2010.

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NEW Post Boxes Open on Monday 11th January 2010

The new post boxes will be in use as from Monday 11th January 2010. BUT, the gate to the new post room will have an additional lock during the hours of darkness so access can´t be gained then.

If you don´t yet have your key then you will need to go to the administrators office to collect it.

PLEASE LOCK THE GATE AFTER YOU´VE COLLECTED YOUR POST. People are already leaving the gate wide open.

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Torrevieja Taxis Pirate Protest

The residents of JDMV were greeted to a noisy protest this morning. Following the latest incident in which Torrevieja taxi drivers tried to clamp down on the illegal, dangerous and potentially catastrophic illegal taxi business, the taxi drivers association has held a peaceful, albeit noisy protest through the city, to raise awareness of the plight of this ever growing, and often ignorant situation.

More than a hundred taxi drivers were set to take to the streets, parading through both the city centre and nearby urbanisations, sounding their horns, blowing whistles and escorted by the Guardia Civil.

The president of the Radio Taxi Torrevieja, Carlos Balbas, held a meeting with the Alderman for Transport, Tomás Arenas Bueno and general manager of the local police, Francisco Javier Minguez Parodi, in order to take measures to stop the action of these individuals engaged in public transport services without a license. The council of transport has been intensively involved in this matter in order to eradicate this problem.

The protest started on Saturday at 11:00 am, and will tour much of the city, so people get to see the message. The protest wants to make citizens aware of the danger of this practice for road safety and the erosion of jobs in the sector.

Any transport service which involves the exchange of money for travel IS illegal and could result in both the driver and passengers being prosecuted. Perhaps worse, in the event of an accident, it is quite possible that the insurance company protecting the vehicle will refuse to pay out. It is quite obvious that insurance companies do not want to part with money, why would they, so this could provide them with the ideal reason not to. If you are illegally engaged in these activities, one way or another, you and only you are responsible for the outcome.

Torrevieja taxiDSCF0692DSCF0696

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New Post Boxes


The new post boxes have now been fitted. Details of when and how keys will be given out and when the boxes will be open for use will be given soon.

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Annual General Meeting


At today´s AGM the president & Vice President were re-elected.

Abdal, the president, can be contacted on: 666 872 653. You can also visit the current president (Oct 09 – Sept 10) at 54 Jardin del Mar V.

We hope to publish the minutes when they are published by the administrators.

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Winter Pool Opening Hours

jardin del mar v swimming pool

Don´t forget that as it´s now October the communal pool closes at 18:00.

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Which Fase is Which?

Do you know which Fase is which. Do you know your Fase VIII from XII or Fase IX from VIII? Here´s a handy map showing all the different Fases.

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Carrefour Summer Opening

As the summer months are now knocking on our doors, and the heat is already burning most of the tourists who have started to arrive, the Carrefour supermarket in Torrevieja has announced their new summer timetable.


The supermarket will be open every day in July, August and September from 09:00 in the morning, until 00:00 midnight. Every day also includes Sundays and holidays. So, there is no need to panic and rush to the store, especially at the times that we might be in there!

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Postal Thefts

As you are no doubt aware there have been a large amount of thefts from the post boxes on JDMV. A young female has been seen looking into EVERY post box on the fase on several occasions (and also at the boxes on JDMX), and when she realises that she´s being observed she quickly leaves.

Today, a short video of the girl was made as she looked through the boxes. When she realised that she was being filmed she again walked off and hid her face. The girl is a teenager, Hispanic in looks (but speaks with an Eastern European accent) has long dark hair that is tied with a single bobble. She also wears large dark sunglasses and sometimes a cream coloured blouse and trousers. She is believed to be a resident of JDMV, so this means that when the new post room is open she will have free range to go through the boxes in privacy.


Please be extra vigilant with your post and look out for this girl. The administrators have been advised of these activities.

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Earthquake in Torrevieja

Today at approximately 17:44 the residents of JDMV, together with the rest of Torrevieja felt an earthquake.  People took to the streets and some were visibly shaken. The quake measured 2.7 in magnitude and happened 22 km´s out to sea, there appears to be no initial damage caused.


The town of Torrevieja was totally destroyed by an earthquake in 1829.

Thanks to ThisIsTorrevieja.com for the details.

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Bike Thefts

There have been a spate of bike thefts on two other urbanisations on Wednesday evening. Two locked bikes were stolen from a property on Fase X and another was stolen from Fase VII. Also, a bag was stolen from conservatory on Fase X.  Children have also been seen climbing stairs to various properties, where they don´t live, on Fase V. 

bike theft

If you see anything suspicious then call 112. English speaking operators are ALWAYS available.

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Torrevieja – Policía Local

The Spanish TV station La Sexta have recently made a programme following the Torrevieja Policía Local. If you missed the programme, then you can watch it again here. See if you recognise a nearby fase in the first video.

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Pool News – 13th May 2009

The re-opening of the swimming pool has been delayed owing to a new leak being discovered in the overflow system of the pool. Exportation work has been taking place yesterday and will continue today.

jardin del mar v 5 new pool repairs

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